For more than a decade, UpCity’s mission has been—and continues to be—to help businesses find B2B service providers they can trust. The UpCity Recommendability Rating was developed to determine a service provider’s credibility and recommendability, giving UpCity the confidence to recommend them to the more than 1.5 million businesses that visit their site.

Each year, UpCity analyzes and scores more than 70,000 service providers based on their UpCity Recommendability Rating and acknowledges the top national and local providers with an UpCity Excellence Award. The results are in, and we won!

We are ecstatic to announce that Local Marketing Pros has been recognized as not only one of the best B2B service providers in the Tampa area, but also one of the Top B2B providers in the United States by UpCity!

Local Marketing Pros are here to help small businesses grow by using the latest proven marketing strategies to get the most out of their marketing budget. Traditional advertising is dead and more people are turning to the internet than ever before. Business owners just like you will have to adapt their methods or risk losing what you have worked so hard to build.

Heidi Sullivan, SVP of Product & Marketing at UpCity, had this to say about Local Marketing Pros:
“If you choose to work with Local Marketing Pros, they will guarantee you results every month. If they don’t deliver – you don’t pay. This customer-first mindset is how they were able to win the National and Local Excellence Award in 2021.” – Heidi Sullivan, SVP of Product & Marketing

This recognition has been driven in large part by our 4.9-star review rating on UpCity. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of feedback we’ve received from our incredible customers:

“We can’t say enough about LMP! They are excellent to work with, not only in their efficient response but with knowledge and understanding of our needs specific to our industry. Extremely professional and trustworthy.” -Lesa Schwartz, Local Marketing Pros customer

“John and his team at Local Marketing Pros are very careful to maintain very high standards and meet the goals of their clients. John cares about the needs of his customers and has demonstrated that time and time again for not only our company but also other businesses run by friends and family. I would wholeheartedly recommend Local Marketing Pros for all of your marketing needs.” -Yvonne Hanna, Local Marketing Pros customer

Local Marketing Pros was born out of a passion to help small businesses grow their business in the most effective way possible. Over the years our tactics have evolved to embrace the newest technologies and platforms. Thank you to our Local Marketing Pros customers and to the UpCity team for this tremendous award and honor.

Leonard Drapeza Lead Web Developer

I'm a web developer who thrives on creating captivating and user-friendly websites. When I'm not immersed in coding, you'll often spot me hitting the open road on my reliable motorbike, relishing the liberating feeling it brings. Back at home, I'm also a proud cat owner, and my feline companion graciously keeps me company as I delve into my coding projects. As the Web Team Lead at Local Marketing Pros, I assume the role of driving our team's success and spearheading innovative web solutions. Constantly seeking to elevate my skills, I eagerly embrace new challenges, whether it involves crafting websites from scratch or customizing existing templates.