In the current digital era, businesses and enterprises absolutely must have websites. Creating a strong digital presence is quintessential to their success and a website is the best way to do that. If you are interested in creating your own, then you are in the right place! The Local Marketing Pros is here to help you build the best website for your business.

Founded in 2011, our team has been making simple and profitable solutions for our clients. We are an award-winning marketing firm in Lakeland, Florida, that works with local companies to create a strong brand identity and strategic marketing plans. Today, we are looking to reap the fruits of our hard work as we introduce our latest Clutch award.

For those who are hearing Clutch for the first time, they are a ratings and review site that resides in the heart of Washington, DC, committed to helping small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses identify and connect with the service providers they need to achieve their goals.

This award means a great deal to us and our company. It is proof of our perseverance and commitment to the industry. John Bendever, Jr., our creative director, will discuss this incredible recognition in more detail:

“We’re honored and humbled to receive an award that helps validate that what we are doing for our clients and partners matters and is making a difference.”

John Bendever, Jr. – Creative Director, Local Marketing Pros

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Leonard Drapeza Lead Web Developer

I'm a web developer who thrives on creating captivating and user-friendly websites. When I'm not immersed in coding, you'll often spot me hitting the open road on my reliable motorbike, relishing the liberating feeling it brings. Back at home, I'm also a proud cat owner, and my feline companion graciously keeps me company as I delve into my coding projects. As the Web Team Lead at Local Marketing Pros, I assume the role of driving our team's success and spearheading innovative web solutions. Constantly seeking to elevate my skills, I eagerly embrace new challenges, whether it involves crafting websites from scratch or customizing existing templates.