On-Boarding Questionnaire

Welcome to the LMP Family! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you,
your business, & your marketing needs!

Project Onboarding Brief Form

Your Business Details

Please verify your business & contact details.

General Identity & Brand Questions

Let’s take a descriptive look into your business & brand.

Your Customers

Help us learn about how your website (and future marketing) will help attract & convert your ideal customer.

The Offer

The job of the offer (shown at the top of your website) is to get your customer to read the rest of your website. Answer these questions with clear and concise statements.

The Stakes

What is at stake if customers don’t buy your product? To figure out the stakes for your website, answer these three questions:

Value Proposition

What benefits will your customers experience when they buy your product(s) or service(s)?

We’ll stop with your top 10 products.  Thank you for being so thorough!


This will help us understand your prospect’s journey to buying your products or services so we can set your website up to walk them through as much of it as possible.


The goal for “The Plan” of your marketing is to provide your customer with a simple path that shows how simple it is to do business with you.


This section should explore objections and have your website offer customers a more in-depth explanation of what you offer, how you overcome their problems, and what success looks like once they use your product or service.

One way to write your explanatory paragraph is to empathize with your customers’ problems then illustrate what success looks like on the other side. Another way is to overcome objections your customer might have around doing business with you.

Think of the top 3-5 reasons (we need at least three) why prospects or customers would not do business with you. Then think about a reply that overcomes each objection.


Believe it or not, the hard part is over….and you crushed it! Just a few more minor technical details and you are done!