Lyra Patrimonio Content Specialist

Mother of two and full-time housewife, I find inspiration in everyday moments and weave these experiences into my writing.

John Bendever Creative Director

I'm John, Creative Director here at Local Marketing Pros. While I did not realize the impact it would have on me, I grew up in an entrepreneurial household. That means I grew up experiencing all of the small business challenges and triumphs. Today, I realize those experiences helped me understand how vital small businesses are to the heartbeat of our amazing country…and how much help we need as small businesses to succeed.

Fast forward a couple of decades, my work in IT led me to digital marketing where I came across family and friends being mistreated by nationwide marketing services. The digital revolution had all but bypassed local businesses. The vast majority of resources and support, while readily available, simply weren’t tailored to fit the unique needs of the local landscape. That's when the idea for Local Marketing Pros was born – to be a partner who could bridge this gap for locally-focused businesses.

At Local Marketing Pros, we believe that small, local businesses should have the same chances at digital greatness as the big corporate guys. We’re all about customizing our approach to meet your needs and we get a real kick out of being part of your growth story.

When I'm not living and breathing digital marketing, you'll find me spending time with my wife and our tribe of five amazing kids. They are my constant reminders of the importance of community, love, and the ripple effect a flourishing local business can have on its surroundings.

Oh, and did I mention I'm a massive hockey fan? You might catch me hollering my support for the Tampa Bay Lightning. I admire their team spirit and tenacity – qualities I resonate with both personally and professionally.

In a nutshell, my passion is less about the digital marketing itself and more about the genuine connections it helps create and the community growth it fuels. There's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing local businesses thrive, and knowing we've played a small part in that.

So here's to charting the digital landscape together. Let's see how far we can take your local business, shall we?

Megan Elder Account Manager

Hi, I'm Megan Elder, a passionate Project Manager at Local Marketing Pros for over three years. My love for problem-solving, organization, and attention to detail keeps me focused on empowering my team and achieving desired results for every client we serve. I am currently pursuing a nursing degree which, combined with my practical experience, has helped me develop a unique perspective and drive to support those around me.

Away from work, you can often find me at Disney, immersed in the enchanting world of its theme parks and stories, or slipping into the magical universe of Harry Potter. I also love to dance and cherish my quality time with family and friends.

As a part of the Local Marketing Pros family, I truly live by our values of Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, and having Fun. I'm committed to ensuring our clients experience authentic connections and world-class services tailored to their growth and success.

Mark Raymond Patrimonio Local SEO Specialist

Hello! I'm Mark. I'm an SEO specialist dedicated to enhancing online visibility. Beyond work, I'm a proud husband and father of two sons, accompanied by our two lively corgis. I thrive on staying ahead in the dynamic world of SEO, balancing the intricacies of algorithms with the joys of family life. Life's an exciting journey, and I embrace both professional growth and personal fulfillment with enthusiasm.

Jordan Lopez Web Developer

Hi, my name is Jordan, a web developer here at Arbor Edge. I have a passion for creating engaging and user-friendly websites. With years of experience in the industry, I have successfully delivered numerous projects for a variety of clients. I believe in continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest web technologies and trends.

When I am not working, I like to engage in activities that bring me happiness, relaxation, and personal growth. Playing basketball, spending time in nature, and enjoying the company of loved ones are some of the things that I truly cherish.

Benj Moralina Lead Graphic Designer

Hey there! I'm Benj, the Lead Graphic Designer here in LMP.

I'm all about the good vibes and finding genuine fulfillment in the captivating world of design. What I love most is collaborating with people, bouncing off ideas, and bringing them to life through my unique creative vision.

I've found my niche in website design, and it has quickly become my favorite aspect of my work. Crafting websites for different local businesses is a true joy for me, and I pour my heart and soul into every project.

When I'm not busy designing, you can often find me cozied up at home spending quality time with my beloved cats. I have four of them and they bring happiness and love into my life.